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English Bulldog WebRing

I first created this WebRing on March 1, 1998. This webring survived the year-long merger between Webring & Yahoo - we never went away! We've also consistently had the most working bulldog-related sites linked through a webring.

So, to join the English Bulldog's what you need to do:


Step 1: Fill out the form.

If you'd like to become a member of the English Bulldog WebRing, then please click on the link below. Please keep in mind that (1) your site must contain pictures or information about English Bulldogs (2) We reserve the right to accept or deny anyone for any reason and (3) WebRing members will display Banners for links to WebRing Sites.

Apply to join the English Bulldog Webring here! (new window should open up)

If you do not have a Webring ID, you will be prompted to apply for one.

Step 2: Add the code.

You will be emailed the code to include on your site. Copy this code EXACTLY AS IS. Then, please add it to the page with which you registered (your index page). Email me if you need help.

I strongly urge you to place the code on your index page, wherever you keep your counter. That way, you can see the results the Webring brings in! I also suggest to keep this page rather simple, so that does not take too long to load. That way, those people who are just surfing around the WebRing will not leave due to frustration. :)

Step 3: Get Added to the Ring.

As soon as you have added the HTML code you were sent, you are ready to be added to the WebRing. Please email me, stating your site ID number and the URL of your homepage.

I will check your site to make sure it meets the WebRing's requirements and also that the HTML code is correct. Your site will then be added to the WebRing and you will be sent email confirming your addition.

Note 1 : You need to add the HTML code you receive within 30 days of receiving it. You will not be linked until this is done. You have 30 days to add the code. After 30 days, the system will automatically delete your request from the queue. If you still want to join, you will need to reapply. In this case, you will receive email telling you this.

Note 2 : To be a success, the WebRing needs to maintain its integrity -- who wants to find broken links all around the ring? I will periodically check around; however to be helpful, if you move the page on which the WebRing code is located, move your homepage to a different provider or delete your homepage, please edit your details or email me specifying the changes.

Thanks a lot!