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So just what IS Buddies Thru Bullies?

Who are we? Buddies Thru Bullies is a non-profit organization based in Miami, Florida. The club was founded by Lori Geoffrey in 1995, because of her desire to help English Bulldogs in need.

How much is membership? All members donate a minimum of $30 a year to keep their membership active. We have close to 200 members worldwide (thanks to the website!)

What are the members like? Unlike many other groups, we have an extremely enthusiastic membership. Members offer help all the time and there is always high participation at our events. We attribute this to our friendly approach and that we treat all members respectfully. We can honestly say that we care very deeply for English Bulldogs, and it is this love that has brought us together. Our members are extremely loyal and go out of their way – and this is not limited to our local members!

Who decides group activities? We have an 18 man Board of Directors who are truly motivated and come up with unique activities for members to participate. Our bulldogs are often included, too (of course!)

Fundraising: We hold many events throughout the year in which to raise funds. We also belong to Petsmart Charities, in which we receive a donation when we appear at any store nationwide.

What about club politics? Politics?! Not in this club! We do everything in our power to keep things non-political and we do not receive money from BCA, AKC, PETA, etc. (though many of our members are also affiliated with these groups). This way, we do what we feel is right for our group and do not need to get anyone’s approval. Nothing against these organizations, but our members can make their own decisions. And you’ve got to believe that we only have the bulldogs’ best interest at heart!

We hope you’ll consider joining!

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