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Playmate of the Month!


Otto1 Otto2

Otto or "Doughboy" as he is affectionately know around our house is a 90 pound (no, that's not a typo) bully. He's six years old and came to live with us about two years ago as a rescue bully in foster care. We fell in love with him and ended up keeping him. He has severe allergies resulting in itchy skin in spite of regular allergy shots and all kinds of remedies. Otto loves car rides, lounging on his pillow in front of the TV, whining loudly when he doesn't get his way and staying at Lori's house. ( Ask Lori about the time she spent half the night sleeping on her kitchen floor with Otto, trying to keep him from whining and howling so she and Geoff could sleep.)

Otto has the honorary title of "Worst Behaved Boarded Bully. " Otto shares his turf with bully Murphy, Darryl (a big mixed breed), Rambo (lab), and Tucker the cockatiel. Murphy is his best buddy who loves to lick Otto’s face and wrinkles. Otto does no tricks except having a knack for laying around looking cute while training everyone to wait on him!

If you would like for your Bully to be considered, please email us for the address. It would be helpful to submit a short note about likes, dislikes, fave foods, toys, and so forth. Please send in only two photos, each labeled with your name, bully's name, and your return address.

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