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A Look Behind

updated Dec. 22, 1998

11/1 Toby Affron held an adoption/foster lecture at her home. If you’d like to be BTB certified and give one please contact Candice and let her know.

11/7 Induction of 1999 BTB Officers. Congratulations to all the winners. Their names are:

President Lori Geoffrey
Vice President Toby Affron
2nd Vice President Grace Jones
Rescue Coordinator Candice Miller
Treasurer Carol Ackroyd
Secretary Tom Finch
Outreach Wendy Reingold
Historian I Betsy Angene
Historian II Bonnie Greenbaum
Membership I Patricia Addison
Membership II Jennifer Finch
Hospitality I Diane Hernandez
Hospitality II Jordan Greenbaum
Public Relations Gemma Valls
Fundraising I Gayle Johnson
Fundraising II Sybil LeBlanc
Sunshine Club Jonathan Addison
Editor Staci Burchfield

They’re all great, if you have any ideas or want to volunteer for a committee please contact them at the number listed.

If you have any past news to report, please email the Webmaster.

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