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Media Coverage

Canine Panic - Germany’s Fighting Dogs on Deadly Spree (June 28)
ABC News

Dogs as Scapegoats for Social Problems (July 7)
Washington Post

Sixteen breeds banned (July 7)

Kennel Club anger over Germany's anti-dog laws (July 16)
Electronic Telegraph

German Minister's threat - Call for more bans in Europe (July 21)

RP fordert: Kampfhunde einschläfern (July 22)
Regional administration demands: euthanize fighting dogs [in German]

Express Online

Ein Mann weint - Sie nehmen mir meinen Hund weg (July 22)
A man is crying - They are taking my dog away [in German]

Express Online

German Frenzy Over Mean Dogs Misses Point (July 28)
Washington Post

Tory in dogfight to save breed (August 11)
BBC News

British pets put at risk under EU bull terrier ban (August 25)
Electronic Telegraph

Germans bark up the wrong tree: Three cheers for British resistance to a proposed EU ban on terriers (August 28)
Guardian Unlimited

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